What Customers expect in a Condo during new launch Singapore

25 Sep , 2015  

Every prospective Condo buyer or investor has some expectations that have to be met so as to make the purchase worthwhile. Every Condo developer who wishes to have a new launch Singapore should assess whether the property meets the following expectations:

i. Security. This is the first thing that a potential buyer will look at. An ideal place should have proper and defined protective measures such that the buyers have no fear of losing their precious possessions.

ii. Chance for unit upgrades. Ideally, some buyers may want to upgrade their units to suit their needs. As such, they prefer units that will provide for such opportunities to have extra rooms or bathroom.

iii. Storage space. The unit should have enough storage space for the entire client’s stuff. Most client need units with bedroom closets, cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen and living room.

東京湾岸エリア高層タワーマンション群と(有明・東雲・豊洲)2020年東京オリンピック 有明アリーナ建設予定地を望む。

iv. Social activities. This refers to the interactive activities with other residents within the premise. There could be regular activities like book clubs, cooking competitions or even visiting other places together.

v. Parking. The premise should offer adequate parking space for each unit based on the number of bedrooms.

vi. Common areas. The choice of what to put in the common areas should be based on what suits many people. A common swimming pool which is well maintained is a good example.

vii. Appliances. This refers to the fittings in the kitchen, bathroom and sitting room. Ideally, such appliances should be of high quality and also keep up with the current trends.

viii. Age restrictions. Some condominiums may have restrictions to both the buyers and visitors. For instance, some may be available for only those who are above 50 years of age and their visitors are given time frames for visiting.

Potential clients should evaluate a Condo during a new launch Singapore based on the above features to select the best.


The New Property Launch Singapore: Exceptional Condos Worth Every Buyer’s Money  

3 Sep , 2015  

So you’re probably searching for new property launch Singapore? We’re your one-stop site that offers full-time access to view aptly curated and well-researched info with respect to new condo launch in Singapore.

Our primary goal is to supply our customers with a pleasant and unique experience, in addition to providing them with ample info regarding to all the new launches that are presently underway. We offer genuine and reliable information, and we typically focus on all the major districts in Singapore. Here’s a list and basic description of the new property launch Singapore.

東京湾岸エリア高層タワーマンション群と(有明・東雲・豊洲)2020年東京オリンピック 有明アリーナ建設予定地を望む。

Quality Living-Botanique @ Bartley
This is a terrific masterpiece progress that introduces 100 percent high end living at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for an exceptional condo with a class of its own, then Botanique @ Bartley is probably the right condo you’ve been looking for.

– Abundant amenities
– Hill Top clubhouse
– Good size units
– Great layouts
– Single loading in some selected towers
– Point blocks readily available with impressive design
– Hill Top 50m lap pool
– Master bedrooms that can fit king size bed
– Common rooms that fit a Queen size bed

Urban Villas
This is another remarkable development by Urban Villas. Urban Villas, which is situated in Paya Lebar Crescent, is another condo launch development. It’s located in the famous district 19, and its developer is PLC Stevens.

In the real tradition luxury property advancement, every single element of leisure and comfort has been primarily considered. This way, numerous entertainment amenities are absolutely incorporated. The Urban Villas provides enough entertainment to a business person or the average family who’d need to unwind and enjoy.

Urban Villas indeed have a lot to offer. Whether you’re an investor or just a property buyer, this property offers you a luxurious living that’s accompanied by all the trimmings expected from such a great development.

Adana @ Thomson
This is a property residential launch condo which is positioned well in the middle of a peaceful enclave of private landed housing right in Thomson. It encompasses 3 blocks of 5 storey apartments along the Upper Thomson Road. The Adana @ Thomson is within a very short driving distance of Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve.

It boasts a peaceful and tranquil environment, and is perfectly bordered by parks and lush greens. Its architecture concepts are best designed to suit the provision of splendid views of its natural setting, and blends perfectly well into its superb communal landscape.

Some of its exceptional attractive features include;
– Excellent amenities, like Thomson Plaza, Bishan Junction 8, and Ang Mo Kio Hub
– Renowned schools and higher educational institutions
– Easy connection and access
– Abundant eateries
– Efficient layout
– Spacious with non-useful planters and bay windows
– Top quality fixtures


Benefits of Singapore short term rental written

5 Jun , 2015  

There is a continuous increase in the number of people putting up Singapore short term rental. This is because many people prefer them over hotels based on a number of factors. Short term rental in Singapore offer the perfect environment and convenience for most people whether they are on holiday or short business contracts.

Homely Feeling

Most of the owners of this short term rental have taken the time to ensure that their rentals give out a homely feeling, which is basically what most people are after if they are in a new country. They want to feel comfortable and a homely environment helps them with this transition.


Short term rentals in Singapore are more affordable compared to hotels. In addition to that they contain the necessary amenities that most people are looking for in terms of technology.

Convenient Locations

Singapore short term rentalare located in convenient location that help people easily connect to favorite spots. This makes commuting a lot easier and cheaper and ca complete guarantee that a person will not get lost.

Excellent Services

The staffs who service this short term rental in Singapore are friendly and offer a more personalized service to clients. They go an extra mile in ensuring that a client is comfortable and happy at all times.

Short term rentals are ideal for most people especially if they have kids. The kids can still have a place to play unlike in a hotel. One is all able to save a great deal on expenses and can redirect the savings into other activities or family ventures. Families are also able to stay together with multiple bedrooms options readily available. They will be able to spend more time together and create a homely environment that they are used to. They empower an individual to be in control of their diet at all times. This is because they contain fully equipped kitchens that a person can use in the preparation of their meals. Source: JJH Rental Singapore.


Classic Gramercy park of Singapore

3 Jun , 2015  

Gramercy Park Singapore is a classy freehold condominium situated in district 10 along grange road. It has 174 luxury units and functionality layout room with finishes of high quality. It occupies a large land area of approximately 170000 square feets which was the former Lucky towers site along Grange Road.

It was designed by the renowned Architectural firm, NBBJ. The park features two distinctive shaped apartment blocks in sculptural form with full height aluminium framed tinted glass curtain wall. It comprises of 174 units of 2 study rooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms and 5 bedrooms double storey penthouses. The apartments are fitted with high quality finishes, branded sanitary wares, designer wardrobes and appliances. There is a private lift and spacious layouts and around 20 luxury parking spaces for owners of car with wider car door opening.

buying a freehold condo in singapore

It has been a Singapore’s property pioneer since 1963. It is a listed Singapore conglomerate having been involved in real estate development and investment

The location

  • It is a 5minutes drive towards central business district of singapore. It is not more than one kilometer from orchard line station line that is 4 stations from place of raffles in CBD. Crescent girl’s school,Raffle girls’ school and primary school of Valley River are local learning centre near Gramercy Park.
  • It caters for the inquiries of all. For those who like to shop,at the Prime Orchard `shopping Belt which is located near.


The park selling points

  • Located in peaceful and serene environment.
  • It’s close to the future orchard` Boulevard MRT
  • It is a luxurious home with high quality finishing
  • Has a developer with good reputation and vast experiences
  • It is engulfed by several social amenities for example schools.
  • Has high quality rental yield with the best potentiality in appreciation of capital
  • It is spacious and efficient layout
  • It is linked to the other side of Singapore through major expressway.
  • It is a large freehold land


Gramercy project details

  • Developed by the city development (CDL)
  • Address is Grange Road Singapore
  • The Land tenure is freehold
  • It is top estimated in December 2016
  • Located in district 10
  • Have two towers.

To access the latest updates for the Gramercy Park Singapore VVIP Preview, you need to fill a form with details of your name, email and the contact number and then you submit. View more details here.


New launch Condos in Singapore- A Perk for the Individuals Looking Forward to Own a Residence

18 Feb , 2015  

New launch Condos in Singapore


A condo or condominium is basically a form of housing tenure where a specified part of the property is owned individually. But irrespective of a house you’ll have to share the common facilities such as heating system, hallways and elevators. But the ownership of the exterior areas is awarded as per the legal right standing in regarded to the individual ownership.

The Charm of Living in a Condo


Owning a condo allows you to enjoy a number of benefits and luxuries of a fine home and other amenities such as increased affordability, ease of maintenance, enhanced security, etc… To know more about the advantages go through the listings briefed below-

Security– Condos offer doormen, locked or gated entries. The new launch condo in Singapore even provides security guards for the residents. Condos can prove out to be a major perk for you if security is a concern for you. Additionally, a new launch condo Singapore allows you to live in close proximity with other people; which can be regarded as the biggest advantages of living in a condo.

Amenities– Want a fitness center or a pool or a clubhouse? The condo communities offer a wide range of amenities to the residents, which could be out of reach for an average homeowner.

Affordability-Condos are often cheaper in comparison to single-family houses. If you are looking to own a home within a low affordability rate then a condominium is the best option for you.

Why are Condos in High Demand in Singapore?

Owning a Condo is a good investment-Those who like to keep themselves away from the headache associated with a rental house or apartment buying a condo could be the best option for them. The main problem associated with renting an apartment is that it feels like the hard earned money is being ‘thrown away’ in the form of rent, which effectively helps the landlord to buy another piece of property. On buying a condo, you’ll enjoy dual benefits that are enjoying the same amenities being the owner of the property.

Benefit of having more living space-Purchasing a condo is really a good option for the individuals who are looking forward to invest in a large piece of property but within budgeted rates. If you desire to purchase a 3,000 square foot home, you might not have enough funds for the same, but you can get a condo of the same space within the restricted budget. It is for this reason condos feature increased demand in Singapore.

new launch condo in Singapore

Features of Condo Varieties in Singapore

Though there a number of new launch condo in Singapore, the popular ones can be categorized into three types. The listings briefed below provide a more detailed description of the categories-

Mass Market Condos-These condos are found in the suburbs of Singapore. Usually, the Mass market condos range from $600 psf. These types of condos feature the basic housing facilities. The facilities that are usually found in these condos include Jacuzzi, swimming pools, BBQ areas, gymnasium, 24-hour security and car parking area.

Mid-Market Condos-Often, the mid-market condos are located on prime districts’ fringes of Singapore. The Mid-market condos usually offer more facilities in comparison to the mass-market types. The additional facilities include squash and tennis courts, fitness corner, sauna, basement car parking area, function room, to name a few.

High-End Condos-The high-end condos are usually found in the prime districts of Singapore. Their price range starts from $1000 psf, depending on the facilities offered and their exclusivity. The facilities offered by the high-end condos are more than those offered by the mid-market condos. The amenities include a concierge service, sky gym and private lifts. A few of them even offer marina to for your yacht. One of the biggest advantages of owning these condos is that they are located near to major shopping centers and good schools.

Why It’s Wise to Invest in Condos?

Indeed, it’s always wise to invest in condos. There’re a number of reasons as to why you should choose to invest in a new launch condo in Singapore rather than renting a house or an apartment or investing in other forms of property. At the same time you need to keep in mind that condos are not always the best option for everyone. Thus, it’s wise to weigh the pros and the cons of the options you have with you and then make the final decision.


Invest in a Freehold condo in Singapore

26 Jan , 2015  

Freehold condo in Singapore

The Singaporean real estate market has in the past developed to phenomenal heights. Today, condominiums are arguably the best selling housing units. Discover the reasons why condos are so popular and why you should invest in one. Similarly, differentiate between various types of condominiums, and then take advantage of the benefits involved.

東京湾岸エリア高層タワーマンション群と(有明・東雲・豊洲)2020年東京オリンピック 有明アリーナ建設予定地を望む。

What a condominium is

Unlike buying a piece of land and putting up a house, you can buy a finished unit and make it your home. Condominiums are usually apartment houses constructed by condominium companies and sold to individuals.

When you buy one, you will receive a title for it and have the right to sell or rent it to a third party. In addition, you assume joint ownership of common facilities such as passageways and walkways.

Most preferred housing units

Condominiums are one of the most preferred housing styles in Singapore because they are affordable. Since most owners are middle-level income earners, they do not have a lot of money to spend on housing. Even with not-so-affluent earnings, they need a decent place where they can call home. This makes condominiums a perfect alternative.

In Singapore, condominiums are built in a relatively comfortable size for the conventional family. You can choose the number of bedrooms you want in your unit. Similarly, you have the freedom in deciding how your unit looks like. This includes the installations, interior designs, and your preferred storey.

Reasons for popularity

Whether it is a freehold condo or a regular condo, you will achieve unrivalled number of benefits as compared to other types of housing. In fact, some people buy condos because of the sense of community that they bring.

The fact that you have your own privacy and can still hear or see your neighbors is itself an advantage. Some large-scale companies are known to construct hundreds of similar condos. The only drawback is the fact that your condo looks like a hundred others built by the same company! But that is not a real issue! After all, most of these houses are built near social amenities such as malls, schools, hospitals, and shopping centres.

buying a freehold condo in singapore

Difference between freehold and regular condominiums

As an owner of a freehold condo, you have title to the unit, plus the land on which the apartment is built. This means you can develop the lawns, walkways, and backyards. On the other hand, you only own a regular condominium, but not the land on which it stands. Similarly, you do not have much say on what the lawns, and compounds look like.

As you seek to own the land and the freehold condo, the overall cost may be higher than the cost involved in buying a regular condominium. Similarly, the process of purchasing a freehold condo may be longer than the duration of buying a regular condominium.

However, it is better to incur a one-off cost and enjoy unrivalled benefits to your freehold condo. As time goes by, the value of your land will increase, and so does the value of your condo. Additionally, you have freedom to put up other structures on the land surrounding the apartment building.


Both types of condos have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. While the regular condo is cheap and fast to purchase, you have limited freedom to the use and alterations of common installations. In fact, the condo company retains conditional control over what you can or cannot do with the property.

One disadvantage of the freehold condo is that you bear the cost of improving it alone. Unlike ordinary condos where owners share the cost of refurbishing common facilities, you will solely be responsible for repainting, repair of broken fences, installation of security lights, and other furnishings.

Similarly, condo corporations in Singapore require that owners of individual units share the responsibility of maintaining the playgrounds, parking and security. On the other hand, you have the responsibility of proper upkeep to the above facilities of a freehold condo.


As both types of condominiums have benefits and drawbacks, it is upon you to decide which one to invest in. Whatever you do, do your homework properly, and outline your priorities. Next, do a thorough search for the type of condo that you and your family genuinely require.

Compare the features of various units, their location, and amenities near them. When you go to buy, do not rush. In fact, be prepared to go back home without a deal. Think it over and make an informed decision. More importantly, ensure you get proper title for your condo.


Steps to Owning a Condominium in Singapore

19 Jan , 2015  

  1. Appoint a Real Estate Agent

The first step in acquiring a condominium in Singapore is to appoint a real estate agent. Such an individual should be competent and possess refined expertise of buying and selling property. It is advisable to utilize one agent for each transaction. Majority of agents in the country share their portfolio and appointing more than one representative could therefore occasion embarrassing situations. Openly tell your agent what kind of property you seek, including dimensions, price and location. Issuing clear instructions enables the professional offer quick and accurate directions of your ideal residence. In addition, this individual could function as a consultant in case you require financial and legal advice for conducting purchases.

  1. Select a Particular Property 

The housing agent can seek for a living space which suits your exact requirements. After narrowing down the shortlist, expect to get an invitation for viewing the property. As you inspect it, do pay attention to fixtures, furnishings and other special features of interest. Do not hesitate negotiating for price and renovation. Investing in real estate is a long-term undertaking and it is critical to get totally satisfied with a given unit prior to purchasing it.

  1. Option/Offer to Purchase

After setting eyes on some property, prepare 1 percent of purchase price, this being consideration in exchange for Option to Purchase from Seller. A 14-day period will then follow within which to decide upon whether to acquire the condominium in Singapore. Exercise your option by signing it then forwarding it to seller’s solicitor along with another amount of between 4 percent and 9 percent of purchase cost. Alternatively, you may request your solicitor or agent to draft an Offer of Purchase clearly indicating the price and corresponding terms and conditions. Majority of agents in Singapore refer clients to reputable solicitors if requested.

  1. Complete the Transaction  

Allow your solicitor to handle the transaction, which should be performed in-between 8 and 10 weeks. This is accomplished by lodging caveat on the targeted condominium in Singapore and if necessary, coordinating with financial institutions. You may inspect property for the last time before completing sale by seeking permission for this action within your Option to Purchase. You ought to check property furnishings and items which seller has consented to sell off along with unit. A stamp duty worth 3 percent of purchase price requires being paid to Singapore Inland Revenue Authority if it exceeds $300,000. This takes place within the 14-day period following signing of Sales and Purchase or Option to Purchase Agreement. The seller offsets the agency commission that varies in-between 1 and 2 percent of purchase price. However, you require bearing the legal cost in such case and pay a $3,000 one-off fee to your solicitor for each transaction.

  1. Make Application for Bank Loan

You may secure funding on loan from a bank in Singapore for up to 80 percent maximum cost of purchase price. Take note that such a figure is subject to valuation of property by lenders. Majority of foreign borrowers could secure loans reaching 70 percent of purchase cost. Singaporean Banks are known well for having competitive interest rates of lending, currently lying in-between 3.5 and 4 percent. This figure is however appreciably lower in comparison to the rate offered by fellow regional cities like Hong Kong that offers a 6.5 percent prime lending rate.

  1. File for Property Tax  

It is important doing annual filing of property tax once you gain ownership of a condominium in Singapore. The amount payable gets calculated by multiplying annual property value with tax rate. The annual value (AV) is equivalent to estimated annual rent of the real estate acquisition. Tax rate is generally 10 percent on annual basis, but those who themselves occupy such property could apply for a 4 percent concessionary rate.

  1. Let out Your Property

If buying a condominium in Singapore for investment purposes, do factor in its rental yield. Your agent ought to furnish you with close estimates of the monthly rental expected from the purchase. Prime locations such as Districts 9, 10 as well as 11 typically yield the most lucrative rental yields, owing to great demand and desirability. The Singaporean Inland Revenue Authority levies tax on rental, which it treats as part of your income. Foreigners who are unemployed or lack a long stay pass pay a tax of 20 percent, but the charges a much lower for those with valid documents of employment.

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Importance of Condo near MRT

9 Jan , 2015  


When looking for a property to buy or rent in Singapore, the best option is to go for a condo near MRT. The MRT Has 18 stations and transports over 150,000 passengers each day.Trains are available always and they connect to the sky train. Taking a train is cheaper than any other form of transport.Therefore, a condo near MRT will save you a lot of transport costs and will put you at the center of all essential social amenities such as hospitals, schools and shopping malls.

If you are not intending to live in the condo you can see it as an investment since its value is likely to increase. Other benefits include the ability to enjoy a great night out and it is easy to run errands for those who do not own cars.Condo near MRT may have some shortcomings such as noise coming from the railway activities although you can eventually learn to live with it. Also, the prices can be very expensive at times beyond one’s budget. Though interested buyers who want value for their money should overlook such shortcomings as they are bound to gain from it. You can start with a small unit, sell it when its value goes up and then move to a bigger unit
In order to avoid buying a condo at high prices, you should go for it while it is still under construction or when it is about to be completed. This is because prices usually go up once the condos are completely finished as there are numerous buyers and investors interested and ready to give any amount of money.It is important that when looking for a condo, one should do extensive research on the areas that will be most suitable for them in order to avoid being inconvenienced.

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Better Investment Options With New Condo Launches

8 Jan , 2015  

東京湾岸エリア高層タワーマンション群と(有明・東雲・豊洲)2020年東京オリンピック 有明アリーナ建設予定地を望む。

Most citizens of Singapore are tired of paying rent, and can hardly get the money to afford homes in an estate or individual land. This is the reason why the new condo launch Singapore solutions have come in handy to aid the middle-class and those who want to get new homes. Getting property is a big achievement especially when you have been paying rent for a long time. This is the reason why it is important for one to start investing early when it comes to the condos. There are different sets and units, which are currently in the market, all going for affordable rates. Besides getting the home, one needs to ensure it has some of the basic facilities, which will aid them to get the best result. This will include security, parking, high quality finish, and creative development of units. Once you have verified the condo meets your need, the next step is starting to process payments for full ownership of the unit.

New condo launch Singapore makes it easier for potential buyers to get the sole needs. However, some do not know the main aim and functionalities the condos do offer. Just like apartments, condos have the same rules but in this case, you do not pay rent, since you have full ownership of the property. You will need to pay for regular servicing and other charges, which include cleanliness, security, and maintenance. You will have to live in good relations with your neighbor since you share the same facilities. This is the reason why many choose to invest in condos, since you get to live with other people in a community, but you have your privacy and freedom.

New Punggol Condominiums have become very popular with many people willing to buy them. This is because they meet the latest needs of the clients. It is not easy to get apartments or condos that fit your needs. However, with the sudden interest of condos from the citizens, most developers have found it appealing to develop something, which clients will enjoy. This includes personalization, using latest furnishes and decorations, and providing the essentials. You will have all the facilities you need at immensely affordable rates.

With the New Punggol Condominiums, you get to benefit from a fully fitted kitchen, furnished rooms, master bedroom, home gym, balcony, and large windows, which give an appealing view of the town. Other facilities include a relaxation court outside, parking, swimming pool and tennis court. Those who want to invest in condos need to make payments or organize with financing institutions to get the best results. With the increase and demand of condos, most developers have found it necessary to come up with tailored needs to satisfy clients.

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